Monday, December 16, 2013

oRipa MSN Webcam Recorder 2.0.1 (Windows 7/8) Torrent

oRipa MSN Webcam Recorder

oRipa MSN Webcam Recorder torrent

OriP MSN Webcam Recorder is the easiest and fastest way to record MSN webcam sessions on your PC. Just press the record button as the MSN webcam is connected etles video streams are saved as media files in your preset folder. You can view or modify the records that you want, even offline. -Work with MSN Messenger version 6.0 andthe above, working with Windows a direct message, video streams and what you hear from your speekers (sound from microphone, line-in, CD, etc.) compression time re , el, disadvantage of streaming video to a file size (adjustable in the quality of the photos, keyframes, etc. compatible with DivX) Forget it. ngészhet many other web pages or videos during recording of MSN webcam windows 9.0.-required DirectX 60 seconds of recording time is limited, andthe watermark on the video output.



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Size: 14 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Recording
Developer: EjoyStudio

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