Monday, March 10, 2014

Shutdown Timer Portable 3.3.4 64-Bit Torrent

Shutdown Timer Portable

Shutdown Timer Portable torrent

This is the portable version of Fire, an application that allows you to schedule automatic closing of your system. Because the installation is not required, you can put a portable extinguisher to an external device and direct its executable file to run on any computer. What matters is that your Windows registry keys will not be changed. The program interface is simple and easy to navigate through. You can program several tasks of specifying the date and time of your power management options. So, you can turn off, restart, log off or lock your computer, put it in sleep mode or hibernation and start a program or open a Web page. In addition, you can allow the system inactivity, configure networking settings (eg download and upload speeds), as well as save and bombs. In addition, you can enable the portable extinguisher to force close apps on actions, remember the settings you have chosen in the program and to minimize the system tray at the end, to change the appearance (control theme and color scheme), Safe Shutdown Timer Portable with a password, and much more. The program runs until a moderate to high amounts of system resources and smoothly during testing. We haven encounters any issues. Unfortunately, the demo version severely limited. Since you can not test all the off time transfer function, can not be adequately assessed. However, we suggest that you give it a shot to see if it suits your needs.


Features: Shutdown Restart Logoff Lock Hibernate Standy Based on Date & Time CPU/Memory Utilisation CPU Temperature Networking options Ability to save your settings for furture use Completely Portable, You can take it on a USB if you want to!

Good 5Bad0

Size: 12 MB
Category: System|Launchers & Shutdown Tools
Developer: Sandeep Bansal

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