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DVD Profiler 3.8.2 Build 1542 [by RWT_Lion] Torrent

DVD Profiler

DVD Profiler torrent

DVD Profiler is a complete DVD-management solution that will offer a wide range of features including an ever growing online database provides information about many DVD titles.With database support, adding a new DVD title your collection is enough to enter the UPC from the DVD case or the title of the film and DVD Profiler will receive the entire DVD Profile from the online database. If you have a DVD drive connected to your computer, don even have to enter the UPC, but can simply insert the DVD into the drive. If the DVD is not already part of your collection, you can choose to add it with a single click. In addition to managing your collection, you can also use the program to track the DVD, you have loaned to friends and check prices or order new DVD-ROM drive online. You can rate your books, personal notes, purchase price and more each title in your collection. Additional features to support the filtering options, support for parental control, DVD wish list, categories, cover printing, statistics and much more. Be sure to try the tool lover DVD.


Features: Keep track of your entire DVD collection DVD Profiler can manage any size collection. Extensive data collection, filtering and reporting features specific to DVD, and unique to DVD Profiler. Put simply, DVD Profiler is the best way to track your DVD addiction! One-step entry Just enter the UPC from the DVD case and DVD Profiler does the rest! If you have a DVD-ROM drive, its even easier. Put the DVD in the drive and let DVD Profiler recognize it automatically. Don't have the UPC yet? Add it by title using powerful search criteria. Peruse your collection with ease Extensive, powerful search and filter functions let you find what you're looking for fast. Or, browse your collection by actor or director through a filmography customized to your collection. DVD Profiler's complete and customizable reporting engine lets you take your collection from the computer to the coffee table in style. Check the downloads section for a huge repository of user-created reports. New! Scour the web for pictures of your favorite cast and crew to add to your local database. Keep track of loaned DVDs Build a database of users who borrow (or just watch) your DVDs and track lendings and/or viewings. Monitor loan status, view and edit history by user or DVD, and generate reports to keep tabs on your collection Charts and graphs to track trends Highly customizable interface. Store multiple layouts and switch at will. Extend DVD Profiler even more with plugins Parental control Personal "My Profiler" site to let others browse your colletion Seamless integration with DVD Profiler Mobile

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Size: 14 MB
Category: Others|File/CD/DVD Catalog
Developer: InterVocative Software, LLC

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