Friday, November 15, 2013

QTracker 4.92 by 7qe FastDL Torrent


QTracker torrent

Qtracker is fully functional server browser MP3 streaming audio browser, launcher server, HTML server list generator and Remote Administration tool. Qtracker supports TCP / IP and IPX, so it can detect the games on the Internet and your LAN! What is a server browser? Qtracker will find hundreds of places to play your favorite games. Qtracker just showing the game and servers that meet your criteria. Want to find a place to play Team Fortress? + CTF? How the server with the least amount of lag? Qtracker makes it easy to accomplish this and more. What is a server launcher? Not content to play on someone elses server? Preheat your own! Qtracker makes it easy to create your own server. Choose your level, change the setup. That easy! Qtracker will make other players aware of your server! Your game is automatically posted to the popular list server so that other players will have the opportunity to come play in your server. What browser MP3 audio streaming? Like to listen to MP3? Qtracker will sift through hundreds of streaming audio server for which you want to listen to music! Do you know what MP3? Just imagine listening to radio via the internet. If you have a fast enough connection, the sound quality is almost identical to the CD. What is an HTML generator server list? You've seen all the web pages that list hundreds of active servers ... Now you can make your own! Qtracker server will enter your information into HTML, so it will look how you want. Setup is quick and easy, because the automatically generated HTML Qtracker FTP directly to your web server! Click here for an example. What games do not support? ? Alien vs. Predator? Alien vs Predator 2? Americas Army: Operations? Baldurs Gate? Battlefield 1942? Battlefield Vietnam? Blood II? Call of Duty? Call of Duty: United Offensive? Command & Conquer: traitor? Contract: J.A.C.K. ? Daikatana? 3 terms? Drakan: Order of the Flame? Force Commander? Freedom Force? Ghost Recon? Global operations? Half-Life? Half-Life 2? Hello? Halo Custom Edition? Heretic II? Hexen II? HexenWorld? IGI-2: Covert Strike? James Bond 007: Nightfire? Jedi Knight? Jedi Knight Jedi Academy? Jedi Knight II: Jedi outcast? Kingpin? Medal of Honor: Allied Assault? Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough? Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead? Mystery of the Sith? Nerf arena blast! ? Neverwinter Nights? No One Lives Forever? No One Lives Forever 2? Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis? Painkillers? Quake? QuakeWorld? Quake II? Quake III Arena? Rainbow Six? Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear? Re-Volt? Return to Castle Wolfenstein? Rune? Serious Sam? Serious Sam: The Second Encounter? Shogo: Mobile Armor Division? Sin? Soldier of Fortune? Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix? South Park? Traveling Star Trek: Elite Force? Star Trek: Elite Force II? Starsiege: Tribe? The Sum of all fears? The Wheel Of Time? 2 parts? Tron 2.0? Turok 2: Seeds of Evil? Not really? Unreal 2 XMP? Not really Tournament? Unreal Tournament 2003? Unreal Tournament 2004? Vietcong? Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? X-Wing Alliance? X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter * limited supportAll game variants can be tracked as well. Qtracker what makes it so special? That's for you to decide, but here's what I think makes it stand out ... Watch the game as they happen. Okay, so you can see the game as you would if you play, but you will get a real-time player and team scores. Perfect for clan matches! Watch multiple games simultaneously in separate windows. Search for your friends! PlayerWatch tells you when your friends are playing. Even support the skin, making it look awesome! Your server remotely administered. Using IRC-like graphical interface, you can easily manage your server. Shows a picture of the map to play (MapShot). Not everyone remembers what ctf2m1, or jkdmxyz is ... A picture speaks a thousand words. Connect the game directly from the web ...



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Size: 12 MB
Category: Internet|Servers|Server Tools
Developer: Ronald E. Mercer

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