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Nero SIPPS torrent

Nero SIPPS turns your PC into a multifunctional communications system. SIPPS is a powerful program that increases the comfort of the phone features of every normal commercially available PC. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology (SIP) is the foundation of development. SIP stands for a new kind of sound transmission through the Internet or an IP network. SIP (SIP) allows the exchange of information, language, and video information to be provided over the Internet or an IP network. Speech is digitized, compressed and then packed into speech packet before it is transmitted to the IP network.SIPPS provides comfort in modern ISDN telephones and more. SIPPS is a Voice over IP phone, which allows you to speak with your friends.The integrated answering machine with remote inquiry function, call forwarding and conference calls are just some of the features that makes using it for enjoyment. IT is free to choose a number of different user interfaces (skins), custom ring tones, a wide variety of voice mail messages, provides support for MSN Messenger and much more.If you are using a firewall, the following ports open ste, if you want to make phone calls over the Internet - UDP ports 5060/5062 / 30000-30005 / 3478/3479 - TCP Port 80? Personal communication? Phone via the Internet? Instant messaging? Voice Mail? Call recording? Call filter


Features: Efficiency: The entire internal speech and data traffic runs via a common network. This not only improves the information flow, it also cuts major, long-term operating costs. Integration: All applications can be combined in one PC. This operational integration of speech, fax, data, e-mail, appointments calendar and addresses features on a uniform user interface ensures improved working procedures. Networking: Staff can access all the applications from wherever they are located - an advantage for any company where branches and subsidiaries are interlinked. Migration: SIP solutions has shown themselves to be safe investments and ready for the future. A 'soft migration' makes it easier for companies to start using the software. USB handsets: SIPPS supports a number of different USB handsets. As the list of handsets supported changes all the time, the individual models are not included separately in the list.

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Developer: Nero

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