Monday, December 16, 2013

Free MP3 Converter 3.2 by Iron-Bus

Free MP3 Converter

Free MP3 Converter torrent

Free MP3 Converter is a simple MP3 encoder, straight, yet powerful and flexible. MP3 Converter can release used to reduce the file size of some MP3 song so it could not be easier to send an e-mail attachment, or to encode some of the sound is still different audio sources such as TV card, line-in microphone andsave ITIN or smaller, easier to MP3 format. You can use Free MP3 Converter in one Winampto write some existing MP3 wav format (by using Winamp Disk Writer plug-in). Once you have created the files. WAV can not edit anwave editing software (Sound Forge, Cool Edit) and / or use Free MP3 Converter to encode files. WAV to MP3 in accordance with the choices of sound quality MP3 orneeded required to file size.


Features: Very easy to use with bunch of options Supports encoding of .RAW and .WAV files Variable bit rate encoding Adjustable bit rates (30-320 KHz) CPU priority adjust IO frequency adjust Sampling rates Different encoding modes (Mono, Stereo, Joint Stereo)

Good 12Bad0

Size: 13 MB
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Convertors
Developer: Pianosoft

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