Saturday, January 18, 2014

Smarty Uninstaller 2012 3.0.1 x64-x86 Torrent

Smarty Uninstaller 2012

Smarty Uninstaller 2012 torrent

Powerful Professional Uninstall Manager is intuitive and easy to use interface! Manage and completely remove Windows applications. In most cases Windows applications are very complicated. They put a lot of traces in your system. Especially that refers to such things as entries in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. In general, the problem lies in Uninstaller (simply removing the opposite of an installer. During uninstallation, the uninstaller removed , tja components are installed), and which properly remove all traces in Windows. Also some users simply does not use Uninstaller! Just delete the application program files from your hard disk. The other track is still intact! Large amount of junk traces will make your PC much slower. Smarty Uninstaller can help you avoid these problems and many others.


Features: COMPLETELY removes applications from your PC (all files, shortcuts and registry entries) Easy to use and modern user interface allows to comfortably work with Smarty Uninstaller! Very fast and reliable. More comfortable solution than regular Windows Add/Remove. Smart Protection feature. This feature will protect critical system components. You will not be able to delete system files accidentally or in any other way. Uninstall applications using drag-drop and context menu! Just drop application's icon on Smarty Uninstaller icon on the desktop. Or choose appropriate command in context menu (Right mouse click). Create a queue of applications for analyzing or uninstalling (you can select more than one application at same time) Smarty Analyzer will deeply scan your computer for traces left by selected application. Force uninstalling applications with broken uninstaller! Complete uninstall. Automatically detects invalid installations and give ways to fix them Detailed information about application (Name, Version, Size, Install location etc.) Create and Print detailed reports about installed applications. (html formatted) Smarty Analyzer will deeply scan your computer for traces left by selected application. Backup your system directly from Smarty Uninstaller. Useful tips and detailed Help provide you with all information you need to work with it. Multilanguage interface! Fast search feature allows to quickly find application you need.

Good 11Bad5

Size: 14 MB
Category: Tweak|Uninstallers
Developer: WINner Tweak Software Development Team

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