Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mars 3D Space Tour 1.1 [x64-x86] Torrent

Mars 3D Space Tour

Mars 3D Space Tour torrent

Mars is a planet, you can populate soon ... World of endless red deserts, major hurricanes, possible frozen water resources and high mountains.Incredible space sunset and sunrise in thin Martian atmosphere never seen a man before! Fly around the Phobos - the largest of the two barren rocks which are the Martian moons.This unique 3D-accelerated screensaver features true photo-realistic and astronomically accurate 3D modeling of the orbital flight around the Mars and flyby views Phobos.Each a frame infinite smooth animation is comparable with best NASA photos, so this screensaver can be also used for educational purposes.Here some key features of Mars 3D Space Tour? (Know-how) Method Single Fund avoids common 3D inaccuracy (smoothing, etc.) and provide true photo-realistic image quality, keeping acceptable speed! ? Incredible performance of Martian sunsets and sunrises, atmospheric dawn shines. ? Astronomically accurate 3D models with carefully adjusted colors, blur, atmospheric fog and high quality textures. ? More than 9000 background stars are real coordinates, brightness and color (spectral class)? Endless camera trajectory will be back every time you start the screensaver. ? Demo mode allows you to run the screensaver at any time as usual demo-program (useful for educational demonstrations).? Advanced configuration dialog is well integrated with other screensavers from our collection of 3D Space Tour and has the function of a Web-Update, makes you can view and download all the new features of this screensaver collection of one or two clicks restrictions! :? 30-day trial? Registration reminder



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Size: 14 MB
Category: Desktop Enhancements|Screensavers
Developer: FP Software lab.

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