Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Universal Converter 1.25 Build 67.3 [Lomonosov] Torrent

Universal Converter

Universal Converter torrent

Universal Converter is a useful utility that converts the conversion UK and U.S. values ​​to their Metric counterparts and vice versa. In order to make sales, you select a category (length, speed, surface, temperature, volume, weight, etc.), select the type of conversion to the U.S. / UK-to- Metric or Metric-to-UK/US and choose the source and the target units apply. The conversation is made on the fly as you type the source value. Added to the latest versions of some currency conversion, real-time, country and phone codes and time differences (two places in the world at the same time). Located near the system tray option, you can run a single instance of the program and automatically minimize the taskbar (next to the clock in the taskbar) when closing. If you need the program again, simply double-click the icon in the taskbar.



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Size: 212 MB
Category: Others|Unit Conversion
Developer: Noel Danjou

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